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Labour, social security and complementary social welfare law - Judicia Conseils

Labour Law

Labour, social security and complementary social welfare law

JUDICIA CONSEILS can provide a dynamic team at the forefront of the many changes in this constantly evolving law, able to deal with any problems that may arise for both companies and employees.

  • Business optimisation when forming a company
  • Support for corporate changes and reorganisation
  • Labour relations (elections, collective bargaining and drafting of agreements, collective redundancies, etc.)
  • Individual labour relations (drafting of work contracts, individual redundancies, negotiated departures, transactions, etc.)
  • Assistance with relations with the social welfare bodies (URSSAF, CRAV, CPAM, ASSEDIC, etc.) respectively responsible for collecting social security contributions, managing pensions, health insurance and unemployment benefits, and administrations (Labour Inspectorate, Occupational Health, etc.)
  • Assistance during social welfare investigations
  • Individual and collective labour disputes