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Legal Notice

Legal Notice


  • Website publisher:

Name: JUDICIA CONSEILS, a law firm registered with the BAR ASSOCIATION of STRASBOURG

Business legal structure: Société d’exercice libéral à forme anonyme (SELAFA), a limited liability company for self-employed professionals

Share capital: 300,000 euros

Intra-community VAT number: FR 16 349 289 306

Place and registration number: STRASBOURG Trade and Companies Register under number 349 289 306

Registered office address: 200 A rue de Paris – 67116 REICHSTETT – FRANCE

Contact email address:

Telephone number: +33 (0)3 88 18 51 51

Telefax number: +33 (0)3 88 18 51 50

JUDICIA CONSEILS is a multi-bar law firm registered with the bar association of: STRASBOURG (200 A rue de Paris – 67116 REICHSTETT) and MULHOUSE (Parc des Collines – 2, avenue de Bruxelles – 68350 DIDENHEIM)

  • Name of the Managing Editor: Mr Daniel MARTIN, PCA-DG
  • Website Host:


Business legal structure: Limited Company

Address: 224, rue de Beggen, L-1221 LUXEMBOURG

Telephone number: +352 27 62 15 15


  • Agreement

By using this website, users are deemed to agree to these terms and conditions, to acknowledge having read and understood them and to agree to be bound by them. Users are invited to print these terms and conditions. JUDICIA CONSEILS reserves the right to change the terms and conditions unilaterally at any time. In this case, only the new version accessible on the website will apply.

  • Purpose of the site

The website enables JUDICIA CONSEILS to provide information about its practice, its events and legal news. The website has neither the purpose nor the effect of offering personalised services to users or legal consultations or other advice and cannot be deemed to be a substitute for a personalised legal consultation.

  • Warning

In spite of the care taken with respect to the quality and reliability of the information published on the website, JUDICIA CONSEILS cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions of said information or conclusions drawn by users from this information.
The user is invited to consult any lawyer of their choosing regarding the applicability, validity and effectiveness with respect to their own situation of any information appearing on the website.

  • Contact form

Users are provided with a contact form.

These contact requests have the sole purpose of:

  • requesting an appointment with a lawyer,
  • requesting information, with the exception of a legal consultation.

JUDICIA CONSEILS will do its utmost to answer website users, without being under any obligation to acknowledge receipt of a request or an obligation to reply.

  • Intellectual property

All the items on the website, of any kind whatsoever, whether they are visual or audible, including any underlying technology, in particular trademarks, illustrations, images, logos, texts and videos are the property of JUDICIA CONSEILS and its partners/suppliers and are protected by the French and international laws relating to intellectual property.

Any total or partial reproduction, representation, use, dissemination or publication of the website contents, for any reason whatsoever and in any medium whatsoever, is strictly forbidden and is likely to constitute an infringement offence.

  • Hypertext links

Prior written permission must be obtained from JUDICIA CONSEILS before creating any hypertext link to the website in a professional, profitable, commercial or community capacity. Any unauthorised link must be removed on request from JUDICIA CONSEILS.
JUDICIA CONSEILS takes the utmost care with any links made to external websites. Nevertheless, JUDICIA CONSEILS cannot be held liable for any content/information published on external websites.

  • Applicable law

The website complies with the legislation and regulations in force in France. JUDICIA CONSEILS cannot be held liable in the event of non-compliance with legislation in the country in which the website is published and it is up to the user to check.


  • Preamble

JUDICIA CONSEILS declares that it processes automatically all the personal data sent to it by its clients, prospective clients and partners, in particular through the contact form.
The processing of any personal data sent in particular via the Firm’s website has been declared to the French National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties (CNIL) (n° 1894636).

  • Consent to personal data processing

Sending any personal data implies that the user consents to the automatic processing of personal data.

  • Purpose

The data collected is processed for the purpose of answering users’ enquiries and, more generally, for administrative and commercial management.

  • Processing manager

JUDICIA CONSEILS is in charge of processing to the exclusion of any other person or entity.

  • Recipients

In compliance with professional confidentiality, the personal data collected is solely intended for JUDICIA CONSEILS and its authorised staff.
No data will be sold or transferred to any third parties.

  • Duration

Client data are kept for the period strictly necessary for management of the relationship and up to three years from the end of the relationship.
Prospective client data are kept for a period of three years.

  • Compulsory personal data

When sending personal data via the website, an indication as to whether sending the data is optional or compulsory is provided by means of an asterisk if sending the data is compulsory. Not providing a compulsory reply to a request for personal data may make it impossible to submit the form in question or to get in touch with the Firm.

  • The rights to object to, consult, access and modify data

Pursuant to the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 modified in 2004, individuals whose data have been collected have the permanent right to access, modify and delete their personal data. These rights may be exercised by writing to:
Individuals may also object to the processing of their personal data for legitimate reasons.  

  • Newsletters

Collection of email addresses will enable newsletters to be sent. It is possible at any time to object to being sent newsletters by following the instructions in each newsletter or by sending a request to:

  • Cookies

JUDICIA CONSEILS advises users that it installs cookies in website users’ computers. These cookies register the user’s website browsing data and store the information entered by the user during their visit. The user may object to cookies being installed when they first visit the website in the banner or frame provided for this purpose.

The user can withdraw their consent at any time by sending their request to:

Data collected in the user's computer are kept for a maximum of 13 months. This information will not be sold to third parties or used for any other purposes. Users also have the right to access and modify any information about themselves collected by means of cookies by sending their request to: