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Our fees

Our fees

REICHSTETT firm - 16 March 2016 version


Our services are invoiced based on the time spent and the hourly rate of each staff member (for a subscription or a flat rate, please contact us):

Senior lawyers (over 6 years of practice) € 200 ex. VAT to
€ 250 ex. VAT
Junior lawyers (under 6 years of practice) € 180 ex. VAT to
€ 200 ex. VAT
Consultants (legal advisers, legal assistants) € 60 ex. VAT to
€ 140 ex. VAT


The hourly rate applicable to each lawyer or lawyers in charge of a case will be communicated before any intervention. 

A notice will be issued for any service requiring more than 30 minutes’ consultation.

Fees do not include out-of-pocket expenses.


Travel expenses (train, aeroplane, mileage expenses-tax scale) and hotel accommodation will be charged per euro/euro. The client will be charged for any expenses paid in advance by the Firm per euro/euro (bailiff, disclosure, translation, database consultation, etc.).

Any out-of-pocket expenses must be paid by the client immediately, either directly to the professional having invoiced them or to the lawyer having paid them in advance on behalf of the client.

An invoice will be drawn up at the end of each assignment. The firm nevertheless monitors any work in progress quarterly in order to draw up requests for provision with details of the type of action undertaken and the time spent.


Payments and payment deadlines

The Firm is subject to VAT paid on income receipts.

Payment should be made on receipt of an invoice and net of discount.

Payment of costs and fees should be made by cheque, by bank transfer or in cash (subject to any legal requirements).

Late payment penalties: 3 times the legal interest rate.

Lump-sum payment for any collection charges in the event of late payment: € 40.

(Article L.441-6 of the French Commercial Code)


Disputing fees

Disputes regarding legal fees are governed by the provisions set out in Articles 174 to 179 of Decree No. 91-1197 of 27 November 1991 organising the legal profession. This decree can be consulted on the following website:


Recourse to the consumer mediator of the legal profession

Any disagreements that may arise between a consumer client and the Firm can be referred to consumer mediation.

The client is free to accept or refuse recourse to consumer mediation.

It is proposed to refer to the national consumer mediator of the legal profession, Mr Jérôme HERCE, Chairman of the Bar appointed by the general assembly of the French National Bar Council (CNB) on 22 and 23 January 2016, whose contact information are:

The solution proposed by the mediator is not imposed on the parties.

This arrangement applies only to clients considered as consumers within the meaning of the law.


Legal aid

If you wish to benefit from legal aid, it is advisable to state this at your first appointment and to bring a completed application with you. As regards legal aid, we can only intervene in the areas practised by the Firm's lawyers.

The financial resources scale dated 1 January 2016 applicable to citizens seeking legal aid is as follows:

Below or equal to
1 000 € 100%
1 046 € 85%
1 102 € 70%
1 182 € 55%
1 273 € 40%
1 386 € 25%
1 500 € 15%


If you have any dependants, these ceilings are increased by:

  • € 180 for the first two dependants, per person,
  • € 114 from the third dependant, per person,
  • € 114 from seven dependants, per additional person to be added to the maximum sums given for six dependants.

A Legal Aid application pack can be obtained at the Tribunal de Grande Instance (Regional Court) reception or can be downloaded from:

Advocacy fees are due in respect of some courts even in the case of legal aid (€ 13).


Legal fee agreements:

A written legal fee agreement must be drawn up in accordance with the circumstances and conditions specified by the law.

As a reminder in this respect, Article 10, paragraphs 1 to 5 of Law No. 71-1130 of 31 December 1971, modified by Law No. 2015-990 of 6 August 2015 - Article 51 (V), stipulates that:

“Fees for representation, consultation, assistance, advice, drafting of private legal documents and advocacy are set in agreement with the client.

As regards seizure of property, division, public sale of property held in common and legal guarantees, lawyers’ fees and emoluments are set on the basis of a price list established in accordance with the terms set out under Title IV bis of Book IV of the French Commercial Code.

Except in an emergency or case of absolute necessity or when a lawyer intervenes in a full legal aid capacity or in conformance with the third part of Law No. 91-647 of 10 July 1991 relating to legal aid, the lawyer shall sign a written legal fee agreement with their client specifying, in particular, the amount of or the means of setting the fees covering any anticipated procedures as well as the various costs and expenses expected.

Legal fees take into account, according to the custom, the client's financial situation, the difficulty of the case, any costs incurred by the lawyer, the latter's reputation and duty of care.

Setting any fees based on a legal outcome alone is forbidden. An agreement that, apart from payment for services rendered, sets a supplementary fee according to the outcome reached or the service provided is lawful."


Funds held on behalf of a client – CARPA

As part of our professional practice, JUDICIA CONSEILS may receive funds on behalf of its clients. These funds will be handed over to the CARPA (French Office of Pecuniary Payments of Lawyers of the Bar) in the name and on behalf of the client by cheque or bank transfer indicating which transaction they concern, who the contractor is and who the beneficiary of the transaction is. Funds are only held temporarily by the Firm which must transfer them to its Client or to the opponent or to a third party. In all cases, the handling of funds requires the Client's written prior authorisation. In this way, representation of the funds is guaranteed. Funds may only be withdrawn after due diligence by the CARPA which draws up a cheque at the Firm's request. Any funds deposited do not generate interest for the benefit of the client.

If the client authorises them, JUDICIA CONSEILS may be permitted to withdraw any costs, out-of-pocket expenses and fees due from the funds held by the CARPA on behalf of the client.


The Firm’s Professional Indemnity Insurance

JUDICIA CONSEILS’ practice has taken out Professional Indemnity Insurance with:

Pôle d’Activités
400, Chemin des Jallassières
CS 30002